Play Guitar The Way You Always Wanted

  • Have you always wanted to play guitar, but never got around to it?
  • Tried playing guitar before but given up in frustration?
  • Sick of trying to teach yourself and getting nowhere?
  • Are you looking for the best quality guitar lessons for your child?

If you said yes to any of the above and want to get the best guitar lessons in Melbourne, then I will be able to help you. No matter what your skill level is, you'll get a FREE introductory lesson so we can work out what your challenges are, and so you can make sure these are the right guitar lessons for you.

I know what it's like to feel frustrated when learning to play the guitar, but with the right teacher who provides encouragement, support and guidance, you'll find it a lot easier to overcome all those challenges, and start playing guitar the way you always wanted.

What You Get With These Guitar Lessons

1. A FREE introductory guitar lesson where we can assess your strengths, weaknesses and goals and form a plan on how to overcome these obstacles. Most teachers expect you to pay for lessons before they know any of this!

2. You will be getting guitar lessons from a teacher who actually tracks your progress, and knows your strengths and weakness instead of a teacher who doesn't pay attention to your progress. 

3. You will learn the right things at the right time and in the right way. Most teachers don't know how to do this, and will either give you items that are far too hard, or too simple. 

4. You will learn to play the guitar faster than trying to learn on your own.

5. You will learn how to practice effectively and efficiently to gain great results in a short space of time. Practice skills is rarely taught by guitar teachers. 

6. You will get instant feed back on your playing in lessons so that you know that you do something right or are doing something wrong that you wouldn't be aware of yourself.

7. You will learn skills that are relevant to your musical goals.

8. You will gain motivation and inspiration to become the guitarist you have always wanted to become.

9. You will understand how music works and how it can influence people's emotions.

10. You will improve your musicality and your ear for music.

11. You will have a lot of fun and gain a big sense of satisfaction during the process of learning and making music.



What you get with most teachers

What you get here

How do you know if you are able to help me?

Most teachers will say they can help you, ask you a few basic questions about your guitar skills, and make you pay for the first lesson. If they can't help you, you are out of pocket for the cost of the lesson.

I will arrange a FREE introductory guitar lesson, where we will assess your current skill level, challenges, goals, and interests. I will then use this information to plan your next lessons. If you are a beginner, we can jump right into the lesson. If I can't help you, I will be upfront about it, and you won't be out of pocket!

How will you be able to track my progress and know what we should be working on from week to week?

Most teachers do not keep a record of what you do in each lesson, and usually forget what you have been working on each week!

Not only will I keep a track of what things you are working on, but I will create a customised practice schedule for you so that you know exactly how to divide your practice time, and get faster results.

How will you help me when I have problems or become frustrated?

In most guitar lessons, teachers tend to try and provide new “stuff” to do each week even if you aren't ready for it. This is what leads to overwhelm and frustration.

I will train you in how to specifically practice new content, then we will go over how to actually apply it in a musical context, and integrate it with other skills. This will cause less frustration, and more overall enjoyment of music.

How are your lessons structured?

Normal guitar lessons come in two main types. The first is a cookie-cutter approach that completely ignores your individual skills, challenges, and interests. The other is where the teacher just makes it up as they go. Usually a lot of time is wasted in the lesson as the teacher hand-writes the material out for you.

I plan your lessons out in advance, so I already know what we will be covering before you even arrive. This is based on what your interests are, as well as what areas we need to improve.

All the materials we use are already prepared, and will be printed out for you, and you will also get backing tracks to practice along with.

How can you prove that you can provide results?

Most teachers (even the really good ones) have a hard time of actually proving this.

Check out my student testimonials section where you can see what actual students have said about my lessons, and watch them play.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a beginner. Do you take on beginners?

Of course! In fact, if you're a beginner, that's even better because you won't run the risk of learning bad habits that many self taught guitarists have. 

What sort of guitar should I buy? Do I have to start off with an acoustic first?

If you do not currently own a guitar, then download my helpful guide on how to buy a guitar

What ages do you teach?

I teach all adults, teenagers and children who are at least 8 years old.

I'm left-handed. Will you be able to teach me?

Yes! Being left-handed will not set you back in anyway at all!

I want to play [insert style here]. Can you help me with that?

I specialise in rock, pop, blues and metal music. I do teach some basic jazz and classical, but only to a beginner level. If the style you are wanting to learn is not mentioned here, then you should seek out a specialist in that area. 

How long until I can play the guitar?

There isn't a real solid answer to this question, but I will show you how to play something in your first lesson. It can take a while to get used to playing guitar, so you need to be prepared to stick with it for at least 6 months. 

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Prior coming to Brunswick Guitar Lessons, I was a complete novice. When I bought this guitar, I took it home and did not know a single chord. I'm now able to look up music, and in 10 or 15 minutes I'm able to play the chords or the riffs and that's definitely from my lessons here.

There are things that I can do, that Greg has taken only 5 minutes to show me that I didn't even think were possible. It blows me away some times.

I've been playing guitar for nearly 20 years, but haven't been playing with any real knowledge. I needed to find someone who would understand that there were aspects of my playing that were quite advanced, and wouldn't lock me into doing something different, but would be able to take me back to some fundamentals. Greg has been really great in allowing me to continue what I want to play, how I want to play it, but also guiding me through understanding what I am playing.
In a short time, I have already learned a whole lot of simple "magic tricks" that have meant the guitar has more options for me.

The single thing that has helped me in my lessons with Greg has been his understanding of the process that underlies what I was already doing.
If you are not taking lessons currently, you should just sign up to Greg's lessons because he is pretty great.

I've improved a lot since I've taken up lessons with Greg. I started with trying to do it on my own with a video, but that wasn't working, and I've found my playing has improved significantly since taking lessons. 

I find the pace that Greg teaches at is really good. He's good at picking what standard you are at, and giving you stuff that will help you progress, instead of stuff that is too hard or too easy.

I was originally self taught, but found that wasn't working for me, so I looked for lessons. Greg has cleaned up all the techniques to make everything sound better, as well as helped focus the way I was playing. The way Greg explains things is very clear, and is very quick to pick up on things, and show you ways to stop bad habits before they develop. 

I decided to take lessons with Greg because I find him very organised, and he has a lot of great teaching materials. Lessons with Greg have helped me understand all the guitar techniques and music theory. One thing I find really helpful is the various scales he taught me, as well as how to apply them and create my own music with them.

I think the main advantage for me is that Greg takes a very structured approach to the lessons. I have had lessons before, which were great, but I need something that provides me with a real step by step basic structre. So with Greg I know what I am meant to be practicing, and I have a record online so I can see what I have done, and I can download backing tracks and reference sheets. I think Greg really takes teaching seriously, and he really knows his stuff. It's all the little things that he picks up. He can see bad habits that I am not even aware of.

Definitely give it a go. Greg really knows his stuff, and he has a great system and the classes are fun.

My name is Suzanne, and I've been taking lessons with Greg for about 10 months. I decided to take lessons with Greg because I really like the look of the website, and the first lesson was free. I also like his style and approachability. There is no way I would have gotten as far as I have without Greg as a teacher. His knowledge is quite extraordinary. And the way he tailors his lessons to my ability and my learning style mean I can put it into practice when I am at home.

If you are considering taking guitar lessons, then you should take it up with Greg. He's a great teacher, very approachable and very knowledgeable.