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Lessons with Greg really gives you some focus, and you can see where you are going. The good thing about Greg is that if I want to do jazz, he can teach me jazz, if I want to do classical, he has a whole lot of songs he can teach me, and when I listen to a song on the radio, we can do that. 

For the 2 months I have been taking lessons with Greg, it has opened up a new avenue of guitar playing that I wasn't even aware of. 
I would say the single most important thing in any of my lessons is that there is instant feedback, and there is lots of information that has come through in a customised way. 

I've learned a lot from Greg, but it's been particularly helpful to learn improvisation from someone who will do it with you, and knows it well. If you're considering taking lessons, I recommend it. They are a lot of fun and easy going.