Get The Best Guitar Lessons For Your Child

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Do you have a child who has expressed an interest in learning the guitar?

Have you tried other teachers, but you found them ineffective or your child thought they were boring?

Do you want guitar lessons that your child will not only enjoy, but will teach them how to play correctly?

Every parent knows that learning a musical instrument helps a child perform better at school, improves self-esteem and builds self-discipline. What's important is that you find a teacher who is competent and will help your child develop those skills. Unfortunately many teachers do not do this at all, and parents waste a lot of money only to have their child quit out of boredom, and have nothing to show for it. 

I am not like most teachers. My first priority is to make the lessons fun. Music is supposed to be fun, and too many children are turned off music because they have boring lessons. When the lessons are fun, this encourages your child to practice regularly, which will make them a better guitarist. This now allows us to focus on what is important to you; ensuring your child gets a good music education without the hassle of getting them to practice at home. 

What's Different About These Guitar Lessons?

  • You get the first lesson free. This provides you with the best way to make sure I am the right teacher for your child, without spending a lot of money trying out different teachers
  • I have a current Working With Children Check, so you know your child is going to be in safe hands.
  • The lessons are in a clean and professional studio, which is a great environment for learning.
  • All lesson materials are professionally prepared and printed. This ensures that each lesson is easy to read, and you save money as you do not have to buy any additional lesson books.
  • My studio is located in an easy to find area, close to public transport, and easy to find parking. 
  • In addition to learning music your child will enjoy playing, they will learn music theory so they can understand the language of music.
  • Your child will develop the skills they need so they can play music with any of their friends, regardless of what instrument their friend plays. This makes music much more fun that simply playing alone. 

What Do You Need To Know Before Starting Guitar Lessons?

teenage girl guitar.pngYou might be wondering what sort of guitar you need to buy. 

If so, download my free guide on buying a guitar here. It's very important that you have the right guitar for your child. A lot of guitars are designed for adults, and are just too big for a small child to play. Having the right guitar will go a long way in ensuring your child truly enjoys learning the instrument. Luckily, guitars for children are very affordable, so contact us today if you need some more information on purchasing one. 

The next thing is how involved you need to be with your child's guitar lessons.

 If your child is a teenager, they will be self-motivated enough to practice on their own, but if they are younger, you will need to know what they are expected to work on from week to week. The good news is that I will go through that with you after each class, and I can even provide you with a practice schedule that you can use to ensure your child is practicing correctly. 


Give Your Child The Gift Of Music

I am confident that your child will enjoy guitar lessons here, so I am offering the first guitar lesson absolutely free! There is no obligation to continue if you or your child do not want, so click the button below to contact me. Please use your name (not your child's) in the contact form so I know who to contact.